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Bukovyna & Chernivtsi - photo & video

Bukovyna photos - BukPhoto.icu

View of Chernivtsi - acquaintance with the city

Chernivtsi - cvCity.icu

Bukovina & Chernivtsi - Useful Information

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cv Guide – Bukovyna and Chernivtsi in one "basket".

These are five united with one purpose sites – to provide residents and guests with the most complete information about the region and our city ...
We do not pretend to be unique :-) . We just collect everything the best at one place. This is the digest of Bukovyna and Chernivtsi ...

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Bukovyna info – Touristic information about Bukovyna and Chernivtsi.

History of Bukovyna and Chernivtsi... Essays about the life of the region and the city... Sights, museums, churches, city tours... Holidays and events... And lots of other interesting information ...

Bukovyna photos – Bukovyna & Chernivtsi - Photos & Video.

Squares and Streets of Chernivtsi... Sights and Churches... Original sketches of the city... Bukovynian Carpathians and Khotyn Fortress... Malanka and Obnova Fest... And many photo and video of the region ...



Chernivtsi – Acquaintance with the city.

Get closer to the history... See the beauty of Chernivtsi... Feel the charming atmosphere of the city... Plunge into holiday colors!.. Or just enjoy a coffee in a cozy coffee house ...

Chernivtsi info – Useful Information.

Hotels, apartments, tourist complexes... Restaurants, Coffee shops, Fast Food... Cinemas, Clubs, Museums, Sport... Taxi Service, Public Transport, Connection... Shops... And more of important information ...

cv News – Briefly about the main.

We appreciate your time. That's why we gather different information from multiple sources in one place so you can always stay up to date with all the events ...